Week 2 Pop Quiz

badge50Ready for your Week 2 Pop Quiz? Let’s review what you’ve learned!  Take this quiz to see if you learned the basics during the second week of Kidlit Summer School! (Pssst: You can use your notes!)

 1. In her post, Bringing Out the Act in CharACTer!, Tara Lazar

a) asks us to think about the word “ACT” and its related words.

b) tips us that our character should be reacting to what’s happening.

c) suggests we think about how our characters relate to each other.

d) advises us to dig for our characters’ emotions.

e) all of the above.


 2. In her post The Magic of Research, Audrey Vernick

a)suggests we use research for writing fiction in much the same way that we use it to write nonfiction.

b) hints that sometimes research includes booking trips to Florida.

c) explains that writing with factual information gives confidence.

d) shares that a female rhino with a curled tail is ready for mating.

e) All of the above


3. In her post, Bring the Drama, Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich

a) suggests we have a friend interview us as one of our characters and record the interview.

b) suggests we try writing scenes using a screenplay format.

c) tips us to look at things performers do to bring their characters to life.

d) offers a list of resources at the end of her post!

e) All of the above


4. In her post,  Creating Relatable Characters, Kristine Asselin

a) reminds us that every story needs characters to whom the reader can relate.

b) says every character needs a character trait that makes the reader empathize.

c) warns that a character TOO much like us can be boring.

d) tips us to use the five senses to create a time and space in which your character exists.

e) All of the above


5. In her post Take Your Character Interview to the Next Level, Kat Yeh

a) shares that she had an interview epiphany during an interview exercise with Emma Dryden.

b) suggests you get the characters from your story to interview each other.

c) points out that she became interested in the posturing and attitude of her characters as they were interviewed.

d) says that figuring out how your character responds to the same question under different circumstance will give you tremendous insight…

e) All of the above


6. In her post, Cooking up a Composite Character, Hillary Homzie

a) suggests that we become good observers.

b) offers an inexact recipe for rolling the traits of five people into one character.

c) reminds us that it is impossible not to borrow a little here and there from people around us.

d) admits that the friends who fear they might end up in one of her novels might have some reason to fear!

e) All of the above



You made a 100 didn’t you? Good for you! You get another gold star! Now reward yourself with some Summer School Swag. You can now get Kidlit Summer School swag from the PiBoIDMo Cafe Press shop! Neither we nor Tara profits from any of these sales, and in fact, $3.00 of every purchase goes to Reading is Fundamental. These funds will be used to purchase books for kids who need them. Thanks to Tara Lazar for making the PiBoIdMo shop available to us and thanks again to Zach OHora for creating the fabulous Kidlit Summer School logo!


57 comments on “Week 2 Pop Quiz

  1. Nat says:

    What a great week! Thanks guys!


  2. Love your quizzes! 🙂


  3. Love the recap. 🙂


  4. Val M says:

    Love the fun format of these summaries


  5. Yunita says:

    Love this quiz, encouraging and made me thinking 😉


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