Week 3 Pop Quiz

badge50How did Week 3 go for you, Summer Schoolers? Are you ready to test your knowledge? Take this quiz and see what you’ve learned!

1. In her post, Yadda Yadda Yadda, Joanne Levy

a) suggests we consider the difference between laughing with and laughing at.

b) warns us not to have too many scenes that rely on physical comedy.

c) indicates main characters are better for characters for laughing with.

d) alludes to Seinfeld, so we can deduce she’s a fan!

e) All of the above


2. In her post, Crafting a Unique Voice, A.C. Gaughen

a) claims rules are important when crafting voice.

b) says point of reference is also important.

c) indicates voice should reflect plot.

d) touts REVOLUTION as an example of well crafted prose.

e) All of the above


3. In her post Growing a Character (Flaw) Tree, Alison Ashley Formento

a) admits she loves nature!

b) compares character flaws to growth rings.

c) invites us to list physical traits of our characters.

d) compares swaying and creaking limbs to story changes.

e) All of the above


4. In her post, How to Enrich Your Character’s Arc with Magic, Edith Cohn

a) invites us to think of magic and talent in much the same way.

b) instructs us on how to enrich our character’s arc with magic!

c) Suggests we integrate magic into our character’s narrative arc to create a memorable character!

d) Provides us with questions to help us think about making the magic feel real

e) all of the above


5. In her post Drawing on What You Know… Kelly Light

a) suggests “Make them (characters) real to you and they will feel more real to your reader.”

b) confesses to laughing at (and drawing!) Looney Toons characters!

c) shares fabulous drawings of Louise with us!

d) says she takes on the role of casting director when thinking of character.

e) all of the above


6. In her post, Do Your Characters Skip or Splash? Shannon Wiersbitzky

a) invites us to assess the kind of characters in our work – flat or round.

b) compares round characters to big rocks that make a splash.

c) asks us to think about one attribute of our flat characters.

d) indicates we should people our story with flat AND round characters.

e) all of the above


56 comments on “Week 3 Pop Quiz

  1. Pia Garneau says:

    Thanks for another week of great tips and thanks for the recap!


  2. I feel so smart with these recaps! 🙂


  3. Larissa says:



  4. Nat Keller says:

    Another great week!


  5. l8k8 says:

    Thanks for the recap.


  6. Amy Benoit says:

    A+ for me…I am sailing through summer school! 😉 xo


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