Week 4: Schedule and Updates

badge50We’re almost at the finish line, Summer Schoolers — just one week to go! But it si going to be a tremendous week, we promise! Here are a few of the things you should be aware of:

Class Schedule

One last week of formal Summer School 2014 events! Here’s the calendar of what you can expect:week 4 sched


The August 11 webinar is the extra webinar we promised for pre-registered students.  Agent Susan Hawk of The Bent Agency will be our special guest and she will be giving feedback on the participants pitches. If you are a pre-registered Summer School student, there is still time to sogn up for this webinar. Please check your email for instructions (they were sent to you last week). You cannot submit a pitch any longer but you are still welcome to listen and learn!

The August 13 webinar is for everyone and our special guest will be editor Amy Cloud of Aladdin/Simon and Schuster. Amy will be giving feedback on first pages. If you haven’t registered for this webinar yet, you can still do so now by clicking HERE.

Our Last Summer School 2014 Announcement

A week from today, we are going to be sending out the last Summer School 2014 Announcement message. Please stay tuned as we still have prizes to give away and more unique opportunities to announce — ans we might even have some news about Summer School 2015!

Some of you have been asking how long the exercise book and the webinars will be available. These will remain up until August 31, 2014. We will take them down at that point, but the blog itself will remain active so that you can continue to use the awesome content developed by our fabulous faculty. The Facebook page will also still remain active.

Happy Sunday everyone!




28 comments on “Week 4: Schedule and Updates

  1. Beth Gallagher says:

    Summer School has been such an inspiration, and the flock of Nerdy Chicks’ camaraderie has been wonderful! Thanks again for the program!


  2. Is it totally nerdy that I don’t want it to end? (Send in the wah-mbulance!) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Looking forward to a fantastic week!


  4. Andrea Brame says:

    Eeep! Exciting days ahead! I’m very much looking forward to the webinars.


  5. jennyandenzo says:

    Hope the announcement next Sunday includes where we go after Summer School. 😦


  6. Maria Marshall says:

    I so don’t want summer school to end! This has been so much fun. Can’t wait for the webinars. Thanks against so much for all the wonderful posts and homework!


  7. Sue Frye says:

    Been loving Summer School! There will be a lot of sad faces when it ends. Meh.


  8. Pauline Tso says:

    Er, I thought we had until midnight ET? Sigh, anyway, it’s been fantastic! Let’s do it again! 🙂


  9. kateywrites says:

    Ah! I had to pick week 4 to be at Disney! I’ll be watching fireworks late in to the night and catching up on webinars in the wee hours…but I promise to hand in my homework on time! Thanks for the amazing “semester.”


  10. Michelle Leonard says:

    Super exciting week ahead. You nerdy chicks are fabulous!


  11. Carrie Brown says:

    Thank you so much for organizing this, Kami and Sudipta! You are loved!


  12. Another fantastic line-up! 😀


  13. Kara Stewart says:

    Wonderful, thanks!


  14. Thank you, Sudipta and Kami!


  15. Yes, thank you, Sudipta and Kami, and the wonderful guests!


  16. donnamcdine says:

    Terrific schedule. Bummer I was on vacation last week and didn’t see the email regarding submitting pitches. I’ll be attending the webinar though. Thanks!


  17. Sad that week 4 is here already! Great way to make a month fly by though!


  18. I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by. Looking forward to your announcement about 2015 Summer School. 🙂


  19. Debbie says:

    I missed this post. I read and commented on another one yesterday. It’s still informative tho. I will be watching for the additional information. A little more closely. LOL


  20. This week looks fantastic! I’m going to have summer school withdrawal. 😦


  21. JEN Garrett says:

    It’s going too fast! But maybe that’s a good thing since my kids will be going into their school soon.


  22. kpbock says:

    I can’t believe this is almost over already! It has been an awesome month!


  23. Doris Stone says:

    Thanks for putting together another wonderful week. I’m so looking forward to the webinars!


  24. Wonderful…so glad I could fit this in before the school year starts!

    Liked by 1 person

  25. You guys are giving us a ton of great information! I am still behind, but catching up!

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Mega appreciations Kami & Sudipta, our wonderful Nerdy Girls Write, mavens.
    Have been involved with lotsafuninthesummertime with fam. reunion lately & didn’t get to join up for as much as I anticipated being able to.

    So hugely glad that Webinars & exercise book pages will be up.
    Enjoying blogs I missed of 4th week today, with downtime from sick car!



  27. ssuehler says:

    Thank you so much Sudipta and Kami. This class was fantastic. I couldn’t participate as much as I had planned due to traveling, but I learned so much. Are there going to be any other classes coming up during fall or winter? I have new school supplies and brand-new shoes! With love, Sally. (AKA the techno-challenged)

    Liked by 1 person

  28. l8k8 says:

    Thanks for keeping the webinars up until the end of the month. I have been on vacation and can’t wait to see them.


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