Week 4 Pop Quiz

badge50Ready for your last pop quiz? Show how much you know about Week 4!  Take this quiz to see if you learned the basics during the last week of Kidlit Summer School! (Pssst: Reread these great posts. Notes are allowed!)

1. In his post, When Creating Your Characters Consult the Experts, Jerry Craft

a) says it is our job to create work that our fans will understand

b) suggests we get feedback on our work from our audience

c) tells us not to be afraid to ask for help

d) reminds us not to dismiss criticisms

e) all of the above


2. In her post, How to Write Historical Fiction Characters, Amy Carol Reeves

a) admits she’s relieved that oxygen depriving whale bone corsets are out of fashion

b) reminds us that teen girls today are pressured to maintain a certain body type just as teens from historical fiction were

c) suggests we keep the main tensions of the time period where our stories are set while highlighting a universal teen tension

d) stresses the importance making the needs of historical fiction characters relatable

e) all of the above


3. In her post My Characters Won’t Let Me Write This, Ame Dyckman

a) offers us the world’s first tixercise! (tip+exercise)

b) asks us to think about what happened in our characters’ days the day before the story started

c) advises us to look for the real characters amongst our relatives

d) uggests we identify our character’s favorite flavor of ice cream

e) all of the above


4. In her post Characters Don’t Exist in a Vacuum, Anne Marie Pace

a) reminds us that people aren’t 100% consistent, so characters shouldn’t be either

b) says that it is important to know our character’s sometimes and usually

c) suggests that the sometimes and usually can help develop plot

d) indicates that the sometimes might be an unconscious new behavior

e) all of the above


5. In her post Unsticking the Glue, Leeza Hernandez gives us tips to help battle the frustrations that hold us back from our creative genius. These tips include:

a) being kind to yourself

b) Identifying procrastination

c) Taking a time out

d) Bringing in reinforcements

e) all of the above


6. In his post Facing Fears to Create Great Characters, Zach OHora

a) admits he’d never drawn a dinosaur before taking on Tyrannosaurus Wrecks

b) shows kids he drew in dinosaur costumes instead of drawing dinosaurs

c) illustrates that he had to learn to face his fears

d) suggests that sometimes we have to go out of our comfort zones

e) all of the above



You made a 100 again didn’t you? Good for you! Since it’s the last week, we’re going to give you a REALLY BIG gold stars!



You’ve made it through four weeks of great posts, so reward yourself with some Summer School Swag. You can still get Kidlit Summer School swag from the PiBoIDMo Cafe Press shop! Neither we nor Tara profits from any of these sales, and in fact, $3.00 of every purchase goes to Reading is Fundamental. These funds will be used to purchase books for kids who need them. Thanks to Tara Lazar for making the PiBoIdMo shop available to us and thanks again to Zach OHora for creating the fabulous Kidlit Summer School logo!


53 comments on “Week 4 Pop Quiz

  1. Brook Gideon says:

    EEEEeeeeee. And already ordered my schwag!!! Thanks for another great week!


  2. JEN Garrett says:

    This class has been a treasure trove of information. Thanks to all the instructors for sharing their wisdom.


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