Stepping Toward Those Awesome Prizes!

You’ve read the posts! You’ve done the worksheets! You’ve attended the webinars and #30mdares! Good for you! And even if you didn’t get to ALL of those great events, you’ve already received some of the best that Kidlit Summer School has to offer! Know what would be the icing on the cake, the cherry on top, the cat’s pajamas?


So let’s take those first steps toward prize distribution.

The Perfect Attendance Award

blue-star-thumbperfect attendance award grand prize will be given to one person who commented on FACULTY POST (these ran Monday-Saturday) here on the blog within the first 24 hours of it going up. If you think you commented on all of the guest posts, fill out the form below by Saturday, August 23.

Like all schools, we’ll make sure everyone else who fills out this form gets a certificate!

The time to enter your name has past. We’ve removed the form and are gearing up to announce the winner!

The 30mdare prizes 

Rebecca Petruck is giving away five three-page critiques for this awesome prize! Because we didn’t want issues with time zones or work schedules you could have done the dares whenever it suited you. We’ll use an honor system for the contest! Fill out the form by Saturday, August 23 if you were able to do at least 5 of the prompts.

The time to enter your name has past. We’ve removed the form and are gearing up to announce the winners!


We will use the random number generator to select a winner for these. It will take some time to sort it all out, but we’ll be announcing those soon!

wpid-wp-1405787622785.jpgGiveaways associated with guest blogger posts. These are contributed by the guest bloggers themselves and will be given away to someone who commented on that particular post. Find out more of some of these HERE.

Grand-prize giveaways for registrants: These, like stacks of books, brainstorming sessions with Kami and Sudipta, Summer School Cafe-Press bling pack will be drawn from all who put their names in the registration or pre-registration pool!

Grand-prize giveaways for pre-registrants: The winners of these prizes noted HERE will be drawn from the pool of people who pre-registered.

YOUR IDEAS for Kidlit Summer School 2015! 

Do you have great ideas for next year’s Kidlit Summer School? Leave us a comment below with your ideas about making Kidlit Summer School another fabulous experience! We are looking for positive new things we may not have even thought of yet. We may not be able to incorporate them all, but we’d love to consider them. 


50 comments on “Stepping Toward Those Awesome Prizes!

  1. Yay! Awards banquet coming soon!

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  2. Joanne Sher says:

    PRETTY sure I did comment on every post- checking in the group to see how to determine if I did or not. FABULOUS stuff – you guys are wonderful!!

    As far as ideas for next year? I truly, honestly cannot think of anything – other than, perhaps, having an occasional webinar at a different time for folks in different time zones. You guys have been AMAZING, and I don’t know what you could possibly do to make it better!

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  3. Woohoo! What a wonderful summer class it was! 🙂 Thanks again!

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  4. I’m not so sure I commented on every post, so I probably should have clicked on “I commented on every faculty post.” Sorry. I’ll go clap erasers and wash the chalkboard now.

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  5. SaDonna says:

    Thank you for the amazing summer school and all the wonderful opportunities!

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  6. FANTASTIC class. I submitted my “final exam” yesterday and am proud to include my name in the pools for the #30Mdare drawing and perfect attendance. I think “developing character” was pretty much covered in its entirety. The only suggestion I would have liked to see address is how to know WHAT details to include (quirks, oddities, got it) and what to leave out but that may be summed up by “whatever advances characterization and plot.” Maybe “when” is a better question. For future classes having a forum for authors to chat off chart (maybe there was something like that and I simply missed it? it’s possible) would be helpful so we could link with others and enhance networking opportunities. Including “when to know your material is ready to submit” tips would be great; the Webinars addressed that a bit, and the best tips I’ve gotten in various classes/seminars about that are A) when there is nothing else you can possibly change, B) when you’ve had it critiqued by others to the extent that there are no major changes left to make, and C) when you’ve read every single word aloud and are convinced it flows smoothly without hitches. THANKS for everything!

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  7. judy kay slowey-sly says:

    The entire program was wonderful. The only suggestion I have for 2015 is to possibly have a different topic/subject each week.

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  8. Vijaya says:

    Thank you Kami and Sudipta for organizing summer school. I was a terrible student (meow culpa), being away for half the time and always playing catch up the other half, but it was great to spend a month thinking about characters, which are the heart of a story.

    And if I win a prize, that will be the cat’s pajamas!!!

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  9. Lori Mozdierz says:

    Summer School was far more than I ever expected it would be! OMG! Thanks, Carol for the Awards Banquet reminder 😊 Off to get a new outfit for it 😃

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  10. Robyn Campbell says:

    What a bodacious time we’ve had in summer school. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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  11. Anita says:

    Wonderful Summer School experience! I have had a great learning experience!!!

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  12. Robyn Campbell says:

    It says google app is unreachable. 😦 I had perfect attendance and on the 30m dares. I’ll try later.


    • kamikinard says:

      Yes, Robyn, please try again later. If you don’t get in by Saturday, please send us an email to nerdychickswrite(at)gmail(dot)com to let us know the problem.


      • Debbie Vilardi says:

        Hi Kami,

        I sent an e-mail before I left on vacation which was before the forms were posted. I hope that went through and made me eligible for the dare prize, etc. To quote a Magic School Bus character: They never gave out prizes at my old school.

        I’d love a session on inanimate characters. Sometimes settings and objects become a character in the story, especially in novels.


  13. Laura Rackham says:

    Suggestions for next year…maybe a way to have more of the first pages or 50 word pitches commented on or discussed. I know…there are so many of us…

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  14. Wracking my brain, trying to think up something y’all missed but so far, I’ve come up with nuthin’. It really was that good and comprehensive and creative. SO glad you’re doing it next year.

    And…um. I left two nice, shiny apples for y’all. A person can work up a sweat, choosing all those prize winners. 🙂

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  15. It was just an awesome 4 weeks. I can’t think of any suggestions right now! Loved it! And, although I read every post and eventually commented, I was tardy several times! Shame on me! And to think that I taught school for 26 years! I guess I just had to be a rebel.

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  16. Sounds like great prizes. Hope I win!

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  17. I suggest five days of school a week instead of six. All of the posts were wonderful, but I was feeling frazzled by the end and playing catch-up a lot. (Maybe I’m just jealous of those with perfect attendance!)

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  18. Everything the class included was valuable. It’s been a wonderful experience. My only suggestion for future classes is to perhaps include more webinar critiques of student work, weekly if possible. I suspect I don’t understand what a momumental job that would be for you. Feel free to forget you saw this suggestion. 🙂

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  19. Since you focused on character this year, are you going to change your focus next year? Not sure how do-able this would be, but I’m always eager to read about voice, internalization, plot, dialogue, and using setting as a character. You guys did such a great job– I can’t imagine the amount of hours you spent putting this together. I echo that Sydney says above– you’re generous to even put this together!

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    • The Nerdy Chicks says:

      Yes, we will change the focus for next year! Next year’s focus will be……… well….. we’re going to announce it soon! 😉

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      • Alice Jackson says:

        I like the idea of the same format — it was in-depth, gave me ways to improve, and lots of new references. I think setting should be the next topic — lots of room for different ideas including time period, point of view, setting as character, etc.

        Thanks for all the work you did to make this possible. I am a better writer for it.


  20. Outstanding job! Would do in all again in a heartbeat. You all have been so generous with your time, talent, advice, and now prizes. Thank you!!

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  21. kpbock says:

    Woo Hoo!

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  22. Juliana Lee says:

    Hi Ladies. I know I wasn’t able to attend all the sessions and comment within the 24 hour period, but I did go back and read all the posts I missed. For me, the best prize is being a part of this fabulous community! Thank you for the opportunities for friendship and learning… it’s all I ever hoped to give my students and all I hoped to get from Kid Lit Summer School. THANK YOU!

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  23. writersideup says:

    OOOOOooo, so there’s the possibility I may win a book?! You DO know you’re enabling my addiction, don’t you? 😉

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  24. Leanne Ross says:

    Amazing prizes! I’m so excited!

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  25. JEN Garrett says:

    Ideas for next year? How about World-Building!
    I’d love to know how PB writers allude to setting without taking too much away from illustrators, how MG authors introduce a foreign place and make it relatable, and how some YA authors treat setting almost as another character.

    If you run out of awesome instructors (is that even possible?) I’m sure we the class of 2014 could come up with a few suggestions.

    This has been a great class, and I can’t wait until next year. I tried to comment on every post, but the Sunday ones have comments from me on Monday morning, so I don’t know if it was within 24 hours. I’m going forgo that one in the interest of honesty. However, I did ALL the #30mdares (sometimes twice!) so my name’s in that pool.

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  26. The Nerdy Chicks says:

    Jen, the Sunday posts won’t count toward this, so no worries. Just the week day faculty posts because there was one little announcement post that no one commented on. So you’re good!

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  27. Stacy Couch says:

    Thanks so much for hosting Kidlit Summer School! I thought it was executed impeccably and loved the character posts and the webinars. So no “critiques,” only suggestions for the topic for next year: developing voice, which is so crucial to editors and agents, and plot–especially how plotting may change depending on the type of book, like picture books, MG, and YA.

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  28. Laurie L Young says:

    Some great suggestions have been made, so forgive me if I am repeating any. I would love a Summer school built around plot and structure (so hard for me to grasp!) Also, daily writing prompts/dares would be great. They really help me focus. And speaking of focus, a webinar on how busy people with many obligations fit in time for writing and moving forward.

    Thank you again for such a wonderful and helpful experience. I have gained so much and I am very grateful!!! xoxo

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  29. judyrubin13 says:

    Rewards are great, but the best reward was taking the class.Thank you for sharing your expertise.

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  30. Carrie Brown says:

    Good stuff! So much, in fact, that I still need to complete all the exercises. I intend to complete each exercise with every manuscript I have. I have my work cut out for me! Thank you for the ongoing character education. I also commented on every post, but whether or not it was within 24 hours is questionable. Therefore, I did not fill out the form. Regarding suggestions for next year: Being that summer brain and distractions are heightened with kids home from school, one guest post per week vs. each day, plus the webinars, and the dares spread throughout the entire summer would be even more manageable. Thanks again for the wealth of info and resources!

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  31. Golly it seems silly to make suggestions because this NCSS is so poifect!
    We are all so much applauding all the faculty, all the exercise pages, all the posts, the Webinars, the pop quizzes & ever’ llil’ thing.

    But since you asked I’m with Carol Federlin Baldwin about a focus on Voice, Plot… or…
    The character focus was perfect but another focus would move us along & i suspect that is why you are doin’ a focus shift. Can’t wait to know what it is.

    All the faculty were tip-top but if someone can’t return, you may want to add . Robyn Hood Black, who leads Haiku workshops &.or and other published children’s poets, such as those who contribute to Teaching Authors & Poetry Friday in the Kidlitosphere to conduct a day o’ poetry or days o’ poetry. Since short picture books that are fantasies are so much about poetry, could be a good thing for us.

    Would like you all to have it easier next summer. That’s a change I vote for & I don’t know how to make that happen. I’m just thunderstruck that you Nerdy Chicks managed your writing careers, your families in summer, your own selves with personal summer projects, while herding cats (us.) Big brava! applause to Kami, Sudi, Becky & Zach O., too.

    More appreciations than you’ll ever know.

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  32. jmvandenberg says:

    I hope you will do this again in 2015. I have nothing to change and was very impressed by how professional your program was. I have paid for programs that were nowhere near as educational as Kidlit. Thank you for providing this great summer school. It can only get better.

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  33. I have no suggestions for the 2015 Summer School, but I have a feeling that whatever is happening, I’ll be back! Great job!

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  34. Eisen says:

    Thank you both for all your work – it was a great learning experience and opportunity for kidlit folks to make connections. I wonder if there is a way to enhance ways for people to connect – like maybe create different groups (using a forum or Facebook groups) like for finding writing buddies or critique partners, or setting up accountability groups, which I wish I had right now! Anyways, I’m not sure how this would work out but I just thought to throw it out there. Thanks again! 🙂

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  35. AuthorKaren says:

    Such an outstanding job. I loved it all especially the webinars. Thanks so much. I am happy to know that summer school is awesome!!!! I have no suggestions for next year, but am looking forward to it. 🙂

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  36. Maria Marshall says:

    You are both such amazing instructors. I truly appreciated your advice and instruction offered through the webinars as well as the choice of instructors. What an amazing gift of time and mentoring!
    For 2015 – if you need faculty members maybe approach Renee LaTulippe or Emma Watson Hamilton. Thank you both for a wonderful class. next to the apples, you’ll find brownies (hope you like chocolate). 🙂

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  37. Excellent! Super! Good job! Great! Thank you so much Supdita, Kami and the outstanding and wonderful Summer School Faculty for sharing your time and talent. ~Suzy Leopold

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  38. Yunita says:

    Thank you Kami and Sudipta for organizing summer school. I was a slow student, being away for half the time and always trying to catch up the other half, but it was a great time to spend a month thinking about characters.
    I think for me, the best prize is being a part of this fabulous community! Thank you for the opportunities for friendship and learning… If I get a win prize from this school, it would be a super double blessings THANK YOU! 😉

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  39. donnamcdine says:

    Absolutely terrific summer school lessons! I enjoyed everything. I was unable to participate in all the #30mdare but I’ve printed and saved everything! You guys did an amazing job! Thanks a bunch 🙂

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  40. Sandee Abern says:

    I can’t honestly imagine anything better except MORE!!!! Sudipta and Kami you put so much work into this and, believe me, it showed. The blogs were great, the facebook group amazing, the webinars terrific and everything done in a top notch fashion. I loved everyday of it. it might not be fair to listen to me because I am a teacher and love school….but I have to tell you….summer school was all that I could possibly have asked for. Thanks!

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  41. Sudipta and Kami, thanks again for making summer school so much fun! 🙂

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  42. Jenifer McNamara says:

    Better than a dip in the pool was the Nerdy Chicks Summer School, and I hope it does reflect and is seeable in my writing. Thanks for all the interesting info….,

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