Writing and Teaching

Hi Everyone! We know we have not been around as much as usual these days, and we miss posting like we did during Summer School. But we are actually still in the process of recovering from our summers, so please bear with us a little bit longer!

In case you missed it, Summer School 2014 was a smashing success. Twenty-four authors and over 700 students, all in the first year! It was more successful than we anticipated, and was even covered in Publisher’s Weekly.

Read the Publisher’s Weekly article about Kidlit Summer School HERE

Read the Publisher’s Weekly article about Kidlit Summer School HERE

We loved the experience, especially since writing and teaching are two of our favorite things. Sudipta talks about this in a guest post over on Tara Lazar’s blog: How Teaching Makes You Better at DOING. (She’s doing a giveaway too until the 16th. Check it out!) And Kami teaches a little about writing this week on the Writer’s Digest blog. (Another giveaway too!) Now we’re embracing teaching writing on a new level with Kidlit Writing School. If you are interested in writing a novel or a picture book, check out these courses. There is a free webinar on Monday, open to anyone, whether or not you take the courses! And we have sign-up specials running until September 20. Classes start October 6. These include critiques from Sudipta and Kami as well as a chance to win a critique from agent Rachel Orr. You can read all of the details on our home page.

http://www.kidlitwritingschool.com Kidlit Writing School Offers online courses in all genres and aspects of children’s literature and our instructors are all published writers who can guide you through both the craft of writing for children and the business of children’s publishing.

Here is a little more about the classes:

Picture Book A to Z’s: Plotting in Picture Books With Author Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen: The ability to craft a strong picture book plot is one of the factors that separates unpublished writers from those who consistently sign publishing contracts to see their work in print. This course will teach you the essentials of creating compelling plots, starting with Arcs, Beginnings, and Climaxes — then literally taking you through the alphabet. Each topic will be explored in depth, both in the lessons and in the discussion forums and webinars. The writing exercises that are a part of of the course are designed to help you apply the lessons to your own writing seamlessly and immediately. By the end of the course, you will never look at plotting the same way again!

Crafting the Kidlit Novel ​One Bite at a Time: How Writing a Novel is Like Eating a T-Rex and Other Things That Bite Back With Children’s Authors Kami Kinard and Rebecca Petruck :The idea of writing an entire novel can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be when you learn how to move in stages. Children’s authors Kami Kinard and Rebecca Petruck break down the elements of solid novel writing, beginning with the hook and on through pitch, character development, plot structure, and practical tools for writing through to the end. Though the focus will be on middle grade and young adult writing, the tools are useful for anyone who wants to complete a publishable work.

Even though Summer School is over, we’ve still got things planned for this blog. Coming next week: Summer School Final exams!


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  1. DonnaMcDine says:

    Looking forward to the webinar tonight! Thanks for everything 🙂

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