The Perks of Pre-Registration 2015

The first day of Kidlit Summer School 2015 is rapidly approaching – in fact, July 20 is less than a month away! If you haven’t registered yet, we think you should. Why? Because only registered members of Kidlit Summer School are:

  • eligible to win any giveaways or books, critiques, or other swag that we’ll be handing out during the month
  • eligible to participate in special Summer School events like webinars (pssst! Scroll down for info on a super-special webinar!)
  • invited to join our private Kidlit Summer School Facebook community where you can connect to other children’s book creators and lovers of kidlit

If you haven’t registered yet, please click here to do so! (By the way, even if you registered last year, you need to re-register for 2015.)

We will accepting regular registrations until July 20, but as you might already know, the deadline for pre-registration is July 6. Why should you pre-register? Well, in addition to the regular benefits of registration, pre-registered members are able to get more goodies. Here’s one of them:

All pre-registered members of Kidlit Summer School 2015 will be able to watch a special Q&A Webinar with Editors Jenne Abramowitz and Rotem Moscovich!

JA conference photo 3Jenne Abramowitz is a Senior Editor at Scholastic, where she mainly acquires chapter books and middle grade fiction. Some of Jenne’s current projects include the Starring Jules series by Beth Ain, The Yeti Files by Kevin Sherry, The Doll Graveyard by Lois Ruby, Peter Hannan’s Petlandia, and Into the Killing Seas by Michael P. Spradlin. Jenne looks for commercial voices and high-concept plots. She loves mysteries, modern fantasy, humor, adventures, ghost stories, quirky towns and quirky families, secret societies, hidden identities, and anything with a really juicy secret.


Rotem_Headshot_Shelfie2In her role as Senior Editor at Disney-Hyperion, Rotem Moscovich feels lucky to work with so many talented picture book and middle grade novel creators, including Ann M. Martin & Laura Godwin, Brett Helquist, Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, Mac Barnett, Adam Rex, Greg Pizzoli, Kate Hannigan, John Hendrix, and Heidi Schulz. Rotem loves picturebooks with clever characters and inspired/ing art, and connects with middle grade novels that have transporting writing with creative use of language, and characters with inherent motivation and earned agency. She cares about every facet of bookmaking: from type to case cover art, and everything in between. Rotem has a master’s degree from the Center for the Study of Children’s Literature at Simmons College, and lives in Brooklyn, NY. Find her on twitter: @Spanish_Broom or visit

Come on! Pre-Register Now!


11 comments on “The Perks of Pre-Registration 2015

  1. I am looking forward to having my plot thickened! Last summer was a wonderful experience.

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  2. Yay!!! Summer school is about to start… Hard. to. Wait.

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  3. Sorry but I have to skip Summer School this year much to my dismay. I’ll be going away and be away for much of the term. I hope to see you next year, though!

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  4. I received an email confirming my subscription to Nerdy Chicks Write but nothing directly related to KidLit Summer School (I filled out the registration.) Is there another email confirmation I should receive?


  5. Bring it on! Thanks so much!

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  6. Debra Getts says:

    Hi. I am new to your website and the summer school offered. Is there a fee to register and deadlines for submissions and critiques? Thank you.


  7. […] And to read about the Perks of Preregistration, click HERE! […]

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  8. Packing for summer school… I hope everyone puts at least a toe into the pool. That’s one of the ginormously gre8t parts of it. You can dip in & towel off & then return as your summer schedule fits.


  9. […] And to read about the Perks of Preregistration, click HERE! […]


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