Why Kidlit Summer School 2015?

badge50At the end of Kidlit Summer School 2014 we invited those who participated to write an essay on the topic What I Learned in Summer School as a final exam. As we move toward Summer School 2015, it is time to share some of those inspirational essays! Thank you to Jan Godown Annino for turning in this super-fun essay. If you missed Summer School last year, you can still check out all of the posts she mentions right here on the blog! If you were with us last summer, this post is sure to bring back fond memories. Thank you Jan!

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Jan Godown Annino

Jan Godown Annino

Hanging out with all the spiffy Nerdy Chicks this summer in
school felt more like being in a mighty cool camp.
EVERY dang day the NC camp flashlite (mini, on a key chain)
illuminated my way in the dark. EVERY day. EVERY nite.
For brevity, just some of the flashes/catalysts:
Kathy Erskine, National Book Award-Winning Kick-off Pro –

Barefoot! my MC is barefoot & I didn’t know it until KE asked
me to understand the walk, shoes & more of the MC.
Rebecca Petruck, Karmic-Guide to the Minnesota SF-
Her sharp summary of BLAKE SNYDER’S “Save the Cat” scene
system of writing puts my stalled MG novel back on track. Will
read his books. Another plus from camp, many new title
Audrey Vernick, Best Buffalo Gal –
Research is not dilly-dallying, time-wasting, diversion.
Milking my meandering moments in researching abolition
for another MG, I find a fun poodle picture book story.
Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich, Acting Super-Heroine –
Acting out the scenes, characters I didn’t know appear.
Glad she sends writers off to acting class. Wanna do that.
Kat Yeh, Best Twinkie Pie Professor –
Her twist on “interview your character,” provides conflict points
as other characters handle the interview.
Cutting off the letter from camp (thank you, W.H. Beck for the
letters idea) now, but you get the Nerdy Chicks Summer
School camp snapshot. It is an ultra-cool place to tent, take
nerdy notes & thrill to seeing your story(s) skip forward. Plus,
the ice cream flavors (thank you, Ame + Dyckman) are
Too. Much. Fun.

J​an Godown Annino twitter @BkSeedStudio
Jan’s site/blog  Bookseedstudio

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7 comments on “Why Kidlit Summer School 2015?

  1. Thanks for the shout out Jan! I hope you are feeling good about the “stalled MG” these days!

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  2. Your essay is amazing, Jan. Thank you for sharing the fun flashbacks. I learned so much during Kidlit Summer School 2014. I look forward to Kidlit SS 2015. Time to get it write.
    ~Suzy Leopold

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  3. kathalsey says:

    What an enticing look at last year’s Summer School, Jan. I am glad i am signed up for this year.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m packing x-tra snacks for you & Suzy! And a bunch others who I can’t wait to meet on line for 30 minute Dares, podcasts, comment postings…
      Last year I felt such a newbie. This year I’ve already found summer school studentpals to riff with!

      Liked by 2 people

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