Hang out with the Cool Kids: #KidlitSummerSchool 2015


TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO PRE-REGISTER for KIDLIT SUMMMER SCHOOL 2015! Links to registration page and to a page listing Summer School perks are at the bottom of this post. Check out this essay for more reasons to enroll in Kidlit Summer School!

Today’s featured essay was written by Nadine Hyter Gamble! At the end of Kidlit Summer School 2014 we invited those who participated to write an essay on the topic What I Learned in Summer School as a final exam. As we move toward Summer School 2015, it is time to share some of those inspirational essays! If you missed Summer School last year, you can be a cool kid this year! If you were with us last summer, this post will help you remember those good times you spent in class. 😉

Not registered yet? There is still time! Pre-Registration ends July 6. Just click on the link at the end of this post to pre-register.

Here’s Nadine’s Essay!     

Nadine Hyter Gamble

My favorite part about Kidlit Summer School was that I got to hang out with the “cool kids” for awhile.  Instead of sleeping in like I normally would, I was up bright and early. I sharpened my pencils, packed my backpack, and filled my thermos with coffee, then waited for the lesson to post.   After checking my email a dozen times, there is it, the day’s lesson!

Over the course of four weeks (it was a crash course, just like in college, but without the huge textbook!) I sipped coffee with some of the best in the business:  Kami Kinard and Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen.  I seriously have a “girl crush” on these two.  Add in a  host of others like Leeza Hernandez, Kelly Light and Zach O’Hora and we’ve got quite a clique going here.  As students, we were able to pick the brains of these cool kids with an awesome Q&A!  Then, they introduced us to the coolest of the cool:  an editor and an agent!  Now if that isn’t reason enough to attend summer school, I don’t know what is.

Everyday I participated in class, completed my homework and then took field trips with my  main character.  The afternoons were spent at the pool, the zoo and the natural history museum.  We had many girl talks and a few sleepovers.  We really got to know one another much better than before we started class.  I learned her favorite ice cream, favorite shoes, what kind of “crazies” she had on her family tree, that she likes to be a little naughty, but really just wants to fit in.

Although I generally sit at the front of the class, I’m a little shy about sharing.  The cool kids assured me that I could join in whenever I was ready.  I might be sitting quietly one day and then BAM!–it hits me and all the lessons just come together!  I’m still waiting and hanging out with my characters, but I’m impressed with how far we’ve grown together over the summer.

Unlike college, I was never tempted to cut class.  There was no busy work or boring drills, just tons of encouragement to help me to face my fears, join a critique group and write, write, write.  The cool kids helped me believe that with a lot of hard work and my willingness to continue to learn the craft of writing, that I would one day have an idea that an editor would want to take a chance on.  So, thanks cool kids, for believing in all of us, for a terrific summer school, and for giving us the confidence to move on to the next grade.

Nadine Hyter Gamble

Thanks Nadine! We’re so glad you liked Summer School (and that you think we’re cool).

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6 comments on “Hang out with the Cool Kids: #KidlitSummerSchool 2015

  1. Maria Marshall says:

    Kami, i agree with Nadie. it was a wonderful to be included by the cool kids and to learn so much in four weeks. I can’t wait for this summer session to start.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. And I, too, [just like Maria] agree with Nadine. Kami and Sudipta are the coolest Nerdy Chicks who write. Summer School is the place to be. I look forward to learning and growing.
    ~Suzy Leopold

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Jan Annino says:

    Fun to read your memory lane article, Nadine. Will see you around the summer school water fountain (chocolate fountain, caramel fountain….)


  4. Amy Benoit says:

    As a third grade teacher, I’m constantly defining and defending the “homework” issue. Truthfully, homework is an “extension” of work learned in class. So, you hit the nail on the head, Nadine! It’s the participation and production that makes summer school so successful!


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