More Prep for #KidlitSummerSchool!

We are just a few days away from the opening bell of Kidlit Summer School 2015! Are you ready? Are you excited? We hope so!

There are some more things that would probably make sense for you to familiarize yourself with while you are waiting for our doors to open.

The Importance of Email

The vast majority of the information we will provide during Kidlit Summer School is freely available to everyone, registered or not. The blog posts can be found at and everyone with an internet connection will be able to read them. However, certain perks are for registered members only. To be eligible for the members-only perks (like access to the Exercise Book or the ability to join webinars), you need to make sure you’ve registered THIS YEAR and you need to make sure you get the emails we send out.

Need to Register? Click Here

If you are having trouble getting emails from Kidlit Summer School, you can find some troubleshooting tips at this page.


rotem jenne webinar screenshotSome of our favorite things to offer during Kidlit Summer School are the webinars we host with different members of the kidlit community. If you pre-registered for Summer School this year, you’ve already gotten to experience a great webinar with editors Rotem Moscovich of Disney-Hyperion and Jenne Abramowitz of Scholastic. We have many more wonderful webinars planned for the next few weeks.

This year, we will be handing the webinars a little differently than we did our first year of running Kidlit Summer School. We knew at the end of the 2014 term that we were absolutely committed to keeping the blog event free and open to everyone. However, organizing a massive endeavor like this takes a lot of time and, unfortunately, a good deal of funds. While we are still happily donating our time to the effort, we realized that we could not continue to run Kidlit Summer School using personal funds. Last year a lot of you asked what you could do to help. We have come up with a way you can make a small contribution, and get something great from it. Here is where the changes to our webinars come in: there will be a small registration fee ($5) to view some of the webinars we will host this year – but don’t worry, there will still be a good number of free ones. This registration fee will allow us to cover our costs and provide honorariums for the editors and agents who are giving their time to Kidlit Summer School.

Here are the free webinars that we have planned so far for this year:

Meet the Board: Q&A with Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, Kami Kinard, Leeza Hernandez, Dawn Young, and Marcie Colleen. The five of us combined represent decades of experience with children’s publishing and wide array of expertise in several genres of writing, getting published, finding agents, working with agents – you name it, and one of us has probably done it!

Author Roundtable: This Q&A webinar will feature some of our faculty bloggers and will be another opportunity for you to get answers to your burning questions.

From the Librarian’s Desk with Matthew Winner and Betsy Bird: Educators extraordinaire Matthew and Betsy will talk about children’s literature from their point of view as teachers and librarians. There will be time for questions from the audience.

And the webinars that will be offered for a $5 registration fee that are planned so far are:

Pitch Critiques with Agents Sean McCarthy and Marie Lamba. Registered viewers will have a chance to submit pitches which will be read during the webinar. Sean and Marie will provide feedback! All who register will be allowed to submit pitches and we will work through as many as time permits!

Ask the Pros with Editor Orli Zuravicky and Art Director Patti Ann Harris. Orli and Patti Ann work together at Scholastic, so not only will they be able to answer questions about publishing, they will give you a sneak peek into the inner workings of a publishing house. Everyone who registers will be able to ask a question and we will answer as many as time permits.

We will announce the dates for these webinars as we get closer to them, so stay tuned.

If you want to learn more about how the webinars will work, please visit this page.


6 comments on “More Prep for #KidlitSummerSchool!

  1. Sandy Perlic says:

    You all are awesome for providing us so many free (and practically free) ways to improve our craft. Thank you!


  2. How is the fee to be collected? I don’t use electronic payments systems like Paypal so I’m a bit concerned about this.


  3. So looking forward to Summer School. Thanks for an exciting itinerary!


  4. writersideup says:

    I’m so glad to finally be reading these posts, ladies. You are too amazing for words—-all of you 😀 REALLY looking forward to everything!


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