MORE #KidlitSummerSchool PRIZES!

KLSS 2015 BadgeHooray! Three Cheers! Today we are announcing the winners of over forty more Kidlit Summer School prizes! The first of  two of these were randomly drawn from Kidlit Summer School participants who pre-registered or were registered by the end of regular registration. 

Please read all the way to the end of the post so you don’t miss any prize winning news, or the announcements about the webinars and exercise book.

Donna Martin won the 30 minute brainstorming session with Sudipta and Kami together! The Nerdy Chicks will talk her through her idea – at whatever level of finished it is – and help push it to the next level. Hooray for Donna!

organic_nerdy_chicks_tshirtPhyllis Hemann won the Bling Pack, which includes our adorable Kidlit Summer School Sleuth designed by Joyce Wan on a notebook, totebag, and t-shirt from Cafe Press. Congrats Phyllis!

Juliana Lee won the #30mdare prize awarded by Rebecca Petruck. This prize was drawn at random from folks who completed at least five of the #30mdare prompts. Yippee Juliana!

Now we want to thank you all for supporting our excellent guest bloggers with your comments and encouragement. These authors donated their time and shared their knowledge and we appreciate the numerous shout outs you gave them! We’re happy to announce the winners of the prizes awarded for commenting on individual guest blog posts now! Winners will also be contacted via email within the next few days. Note: you can click on the image to enlarge it.

Prize Winners for Weeks 1 and 2:

weeks 1 and 2

Prize Winners for Weeks 3 and 4:

weeks 3 and 4

We’ll be announcing the winner of the #NerdyChicksDraw competition in a separate post soon.

A word about the exercise book and the webinars:

The Exercise Book will be removed from the blog on September 15. Please download any of the exercises you still need before then.

If you are registered for Kidlit Summer School 2015, you may still purchase the two webinars through September 15. Please check your emails for details on how to do this. The fee supports Kidlit Summer School so that we can continue to run most of the program for free.

All of the webinars will be removed on October 15.

Congratulations to EVERYONE and thank you for participating in Kidlit Summer School 2015! We’ve enjoyed THICKENING THE PLOT with you!

The Kidlit Summer School Board of Education

46 comments on “MORE #KidlitSummerSchool PRIZES!

  1. mona861 says:

    WOW!!!! Congratulations to all the winners of these awesome prizes…I didn’t see my name on there, but that’s okay, the Summer School was the BIG prize! Thanks so much for all the wonderful lessons.

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  2. Valerie Larson-Howard says:

    A critique from Kami Karnard! I am sooooo excited!

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  3. Beth Gallagher says:

    Congratlations to the winners and to all of us for “graduating” from Summer School! Thanks to Kami, Sudipta, & all the faculty. I’m already looking forward to next year! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Congrats, everyone! And thanks to all for providing the prizes. The KLSS course has been inspiring and helpful, and as others have said, we’re all winners. Definitely.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Anita says:

    Congratulations, Everyone!

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  6. Juli Jones says:

    No way–I actually won! Did I give you guys my address?


  7. Juli Jones says:

    And a big thanks, too! It was wonderful learning kidlit with you all.

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  8. Lynne Marie says:

    We are definitely all winners 🙂

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  9. A picture book critique from Marcie Colleen!! SQUEEE! I’m so excited I can’t wait to hear more about how to get that going. THANKS SO MUCH SUDIPTA AND KAMI for another great summer. I have finished my third draft of my middle grade novel (which I started last summer getting characters more developed in Kid Lit Summer School) using some of the tips supplied here and feel I have a much tighter product now. YOU GALS ROCK!

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  10. Chana says:

    Congrats to the winners! And thank you all for a terrific summer! Who knew summer school could be so much fun!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Sally says:

    Many thanks for all the great info and the time and work you all put into Summer School. 😘😘😘

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  12. Congratulations, lucky winners!

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  13. Always fun, thanks for everything, y’all!

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  14. I’m thrilled to have participated in #kidlitsummerschool this year! And I’m grateful to be one of the prize winners. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to our teachers, their supporting staff, and the guest bloggers who generously shared their expertise and donated so many awesome prizes. I will download the worksheets I might have missed…they, together with the posts themselves, constitute a valuable kidlit resource I will refer to again and again in the coming years. 😉

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  15. katmaz2012 says:

    Thank you for the inspiration and helpful information.

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  16. Thank you once again. This is a great thing. 🙂

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  17. So many winners! WOW! I feel so lucky to be one of them and look forward to learning more from Sudipta, Leeza, Teresa, and Susan! Thanks again and congrats to all the winners. Of course, we are all winners… the guest posts were out of this world! Thanks so much to every person who donated time and knowledge to Kidlit Summer School!

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  18. Trine says:

    It was wonderful. I have lots to take me forward through this next year. Thanks everybody ~

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  19. debra daugherty says:

    Thank you for doing the summer school session. I learned so much from all the bloggers and webinars. I’m also very excited to have won Julie Sternberg’s Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie. Whoo hoo!

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  20. Congrats to all! But I think we are all winners for having participated and learned so much. 😉

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  21. Lori Dubbin says:

    Kidlit Summer School was awesome and I gleaned so much from the guest blog posts, webinars, and fabulous people who put it together and who commented. I’m thrilled and grateful to have won a signed hardcover copy of Christine Fletcher’s TEN CENTS A DANCE! Thanks so much for everything!

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  22. writersideup says:

    Congratulations to ALL the winners! I mean WOW that list is impressive! Everything about School has been AMAZING, ladies! Thank you again! 😀

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  23. I won! Yay! Congratulations to everyone else who won a prize. I didn’t win anything last year, but felt like a winner with all the “stuff” I took away from summer school. Thanks for another wonderful experience.

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  24. Congratulations winners!

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  25. Thanks Sudipta and Kami for putting together such a great prize for me to win! Now to figure out how to claim it and decide which idea to pitch…;~)

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  26. Even though my name is not listed as a prize winner, I am still a winner. Thank you Sudipta and Kami. Hip, hip, hooray for all who participated in Kidlit Summer School.
    ~Suzy Leopold

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  27. maddmombetty says:

    Congratulations to all the winners! And thank you so much to Laurie Edwards for Grace and the Guiltless! I know I will enjoy it! Much thanks to everyone at KidLitSummerSchool! I will be back next summer!

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  28. Congrats to the winners! Summer School has been awesome!

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  29. Anne Lipton says:

    Huge thanks to Kami and Sudipta and Congrats to all the winners! What a wonderful experience Kidlit Summer School has been. I look forward to hearing many success stories!

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  30. Thank you so much! I had a crazy-good summer with the release of Sophie’s Quest (middle grade novel, a Holy Land adventure!), and I couldn’t participate as much as I wanted to this year in the summer school, so I was very surprised to see that I had won a prize! Can’t wait to get Cat Napped and the Spidergram!

    Thank you to everyone involved–this is such an amazing resource! I’m going to donate Cat Napped to my school library so lots of kids can read it!

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Juliana Lee says:

    Wow! Excited to be one of so many winners! You girls rock the school and the prize treasure chest! As always, the best prizes are the tips and inspiration given to every participant. I have lots to think about and work on in the coming months. Thankyou! Thankyou!

    Liked by 1 person

  32. topangamaria says:

    ICING on the CAKE! WOW! I almost fell off my chair, to win the added bonus of Jen Malone’s genius. SO GENEROUS! Thank you Thank you one and all for a really rich summer school
    experience. Write on!

    Liked by 1 person

  33. YAY! Thank you! Excited about my query critique! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  34. Leah Heilman Schanke says:

    Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks for a wonderful learning experience. Good luck to everyone!

    Liked by 1 person

  35. Thrilled to have won the book by Joyce Wan. Her post was one of my favorites! But truly, I learned something each and every day; what a great finish for my first summer school experience. Three cheers for the entire faculty 🙂

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  36. Exciting wins and excited Winners! Although my participation was scattered what I got to do was priceless. Congrats to all.


  37. Melanie Ellsworth says:

    Thank you – I can’t wait to read Leeza Hernandez’s cat napped! I’ve learned so much in this class this summer and appreciate Sudipta and Kami’s time as well as the time/insight of all the guests.


  38. Sue Frye says:

    Thank you again for making this fabulous event possible for us. I still haven’t received an email about my prize.


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