Spirit of independence and love for crafts: thanks to these two peculiarities, timeless objects of BERGER. History is dotted with innumerable anecdotes that confirm that the magical charm of the brand, which has become an emblem of elegance, easily stands the test of time.

A clock and any accessory with profuse luxury nods, have become pieces that complete and elevate any outfit, but each time they acquire a more effective value and that is why they are chosen with great care. In addition to being transmitted from generation to generation, many times, these valuable objects can mark certain moments. In the case of BERGEReach of their designs are transformed into icons of memory and talismans of time, something that is best exemplified in the brand’s latest effort: a campaign that reminds us that being parents can be symbolized with a jewel that plays with sentiment. and the born passion.

The perfect pieces to remember special moments.

Courtesy of the brand

‘I do want’, when a piece of jewelery becomes an emblem of memories

The inspiration? The journey of becoming parents. The result? Jewelry that we all wish we had in the drawer. The maternity either paternity they are one of the most significant life events a person can experience. It is a journey full of new challenges, joy and intense sensations. For many people, becoming a mom or dad can bring up a range of emotions they’ve never felt before. For the same reason, and as a starting point, BERGERhas decided to celebrate this special moment with sophisticated accessories.

All events in life are linked by invisible lines, indelible images, memories that last forever, transcendental things happen at every moment that turn our stories around and become a virtuous spiral. Why not remember these moments that connect us with luxury objects that also do so? ‘Yes I want’is the firm’s campaign that takes this feeling as its premise.

‘Value time with our loved ones’, thus begins the narrative of the Campaign. A door that allows us to enter the world BERGER, one that immerses us in innovative design and detailed supremacy. The brand’s love affair with sentimental symbols emerges not only in its ancestry jeweler, but in his creativity and broad criteria in his concepts. Always looking for new ways to democratize the art world, BERGER has recreated some of his most powerful works as part of this campaign synonymous with power.

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