Does vape juice have calories?

A common question among vapers is ‘does vaping help my calorie count?’. In recent years, more and more people are concerned about their health, which has led to many people focusing on their weight. This is possible due to the increase in awareness about good health.

Considering most liquids, especially VG or low-VG juices, have a sweet taste, it’s understandable that calories can be questioned. Here, EDGE Vaping takes a look at the calories in e-liquids, including how much they are and how they affect them.

Do e-liquids contain calories?

In short, vapes have calories, but the amount is very low. A study comparing inhalation and smoking in weight management suggests that nicotine is responsible for any changes that may occur.

Our bodies are designed to seek out food when we’re hungry and compensate for what we eat with a burst of dopamine – it’s an escape route. Nicotine acts as a craving suppressant by changing the reward system in our brain.

Nicotine consumption can also cause dopamine to be released, disrupting the body’s functions. When hunger strikes, smoking or smoking can trigger the release of dopamine, tricking our bodies into believing we have eaten, thus curbing appetite. Therefore, long-term smoking or smoking can cause weight loss.

That’s why those who quit smoking or smoking find that their appetite increases for a while, as dopamine that reduces the feeling of hunger is out of their system, which means they will want to eat more. Most people who try to quit smoking find that they gain between five and ten pounds.

How many calories does an average vape have?

The goal of e-liquid calorie counting is often based on the fear of gaining weight rather than losing weight. Despite their taste, most vape liquids do not pose a serious health risk to your diet.

Vegetable glycerol (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), the two main ingredients in any e-liquid, are believed to have four calories per ml. In addition, flavorings and sweeteners added to vapes are usually calorie-free, although this can vary if the manufacturer chooses to use sugar instead of sweeteners, resulting in higher calories.

Do calories in vapes matter?

From the available evidence, the calories found in vapes appear to be low. Considering that a bottle of e-liquid contains about 30-50 calories, this can be used daily instead of gaining weight.

However, if you have health or nutritional concerns, it is best to see a doctor or health professional who can provide the best guidance on your diet.

If you have never smoked or smoked, it is important to emphasize that you should not start using nicotine in any way as a way to lose weight. Nicotine is highly addictive, and smoking should be viewed as a harm-reduction strategy for those who want to quit smoking.

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