This look was combined with glasses with the logo of the French maison and heeled sandals with diamond bracelet It was about high-heeled shoes from the firm Amina Muaddi dipped in strass.

As for jewelry, she added a pearl and diamond necklace from Jacob & Co. The final detail? The young mother wore a solitaire in the ring toe. A pear cut diamond 9 carats set in a 14 karat white gold ring.

This brilliant touch went viral in a matter of seconds, causing a sensation all over the world. Although in fact, this trend is millennial and is inspired by the traditions of India.

Since time immemorial, women in India have worn one or more rings on their toes, symmetrically according to custom, and in silver so that energy flows well (they only wear gold on the upper part of the body). This fashionable detail was spread in the Western world by the hippie mood in the 70s, and now they are placed on the toes to enhance the tan.

So now you know, it is not necessary to change your shoes for this summer 2023since a finger ring, it could completely revamp your outfit and the way you take steady steps this season.

The ring on the toe of Rihanna.

Courtesy of Instagram @aminamuaddi.

Article originally published in Vogue France,

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