Adorning yourself with jewelry may be an old practice, but what’s new about Berger gives us the opportunity to carry these objects as real delicacy symbols. Combining materials from luxury and precious stones bright with contemporary and fun designs, each model is created to be the companion of any occasion and the confidant of the most special moments.

Berger has been doing luxury watches and jewelery for some time, but now the dutch brand He has elevated his exquisite designs into pieces that refine any outfit. With a modern and versatile version of what timeless treasures should be, these proposals offer new symbols to represent love in all its forms, a step beyond the traditional approach to clothing. watches that embody the eternal affection and rings that materialize the unconditional bond with your special person, the energetic version of these new objects of Berger they are the perfect exploration of how affection has to do with attention to detail.

The accessories that become symbols of love.

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Berger’s fascinating insight into modern love

‘More than a promise, it is a commitment forever. On this occasion we celebrate finding that person with whom we want to share the rest of our lives’, thus begins the conversation with the luxury brand about its new releases. “A commitment, an alliance, complicity in good times and unconditional support in bad ones,” she continues. Created with the condition of being used to connect, enjoy and appreciate every moment, this series of jewels fits perfectly with any style, personality and taste.

This is not your traditional luxury fare. The work of Berger is increasingly popular because it designs pieces that fuse the best in trends, colors, textures and innovations. For those uninitiated in this world, the signature objects are the great epicenter of style. Everything that Berger puts in his hand has embedded the versatile spirit and in turn refers to the power of fascination For the detail.

Heritage Center Seconds Funky Blue in steel with a fumé burgundy dial.

Courtesy of the brand

Diamond and ruby ​​ring set in white gold.

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To present these new jewels, the brand launched a campaign carried out by the creative mind of Fausto Teran and his producer Bull Films in the beautiful region of Merida and Mexico City. In this narrative, the protagonists of the Haute Horlogerie are the models Heritage Center Seconds Funky Blue in steel with a burgundy fumé dial, which embodies a bold expression of an adventurous spirit and the true guardian of time, the Heritage Center Seconds in steel with the Fumé Funky Blue dial, which combines the design elements of the past with the innovations of the present. Both share the elemental bonds of the creator Heinrich Moser.

Past and present, tradition and modernity, each setting is imbued with nostalgia, ending in a journey through the clocks of pocket turned into clocks bracelet at the beginning of the decade of 1920.

Heritage Center Seconds in steel with the Fumé Funky Blue dial.

Courtesy of the brand

Engagement ring with emerald cut diamond.

Courtesy of the brand

Furthermore, at the heart of this series of elements are the firm’s engagement rings, which offer endless possibilities. Opt for a ruby and diamond ring mounted in white gold or by an engagement ring with emerald cut diamond, designs that remind us of those moments that last forever.

And this is how this series of watches and rings Berger they transform into pieces that everyone needs in their arsenal.

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