If love is something magical and that everyone longs for, is there anything better than sharing your time? Watches have become connectors of feelings and treasures that go through any time, the experts in this field? bulova.

Always pursuing a story of firsts, bulova -Founded by joseph bulova in 1875— continues to be an iconic brand at the forefront of the clothing industry watchmaking current. Based in the city of NYCurrently, the firm is governed by the same principles of crafts, innovation and technology that inspired its founder. Committed to advancing the art of watchmaking with extraordinary design, exclusive high-performance technology and enduring quality that upholds a tradition of excellence and meets the needs of today’s global consumer.

Each couple is surrounded by fantasy, flora and magic in stories that can easily become gifts of well thought out memories and the American luxury firm It has been characterized by adding character, style and detail to each of these pieces. With collections that go beyond the expected diamonds, this time the brand has surprised us with a series of clocks that make us feel exhilarated and joyful thanks to their seductive and dangerously elegant models that represent both exquisite taste and a true knowledge of design. And it is that “feel something” is the operative phrase for the jewels that best adapt to the Valentine’s Day (and honestly, any day), after all, finding jewelry that arouses positive emotion is exactly what you’re looking for.

Elegance and luxury come together in the new Bulova collection.

Courtesy of the brand

A Valentine’s Day gift worthy of any doll

the past of bulova has always been a rich source of inspiration. So it’s no surprise that launching a collection surrounded by delicate silhouettes and utterly extraordinary techniques was a no-brainer. titled Modernthe leader in self-winding mechanical movement watches, is proud to present the new models that will conquer the February 14th for their geometric silhouettes, innovative designs and high contrasts that give life to a contemporary style.

A kind of mythology and folklore surrounds these clocks. asymmetric designs on cover and distinctive hands they add elegant minimalism with luxe diamond accents and an edge-to-edge mineral crystal. The most iconic models in this collection this season are the pair of watches for Lady (98R293) and Knight (98A291) both made of black ceramic.

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