Pandora charm from The Little Mermaid.Courtesy

Although The little Mermaid was the trigger for this trendthe truth is that their presence –even in the jeweler’s–, is exported directly from catwalks. in parades Spring-Summer 2023 from brands like Schiaparelli and David Koma they saw each other jewelry with shapes that evoked the shapes of the sea

Jewels inspired by the Mermaidcore trend on the Spring-Summer 2023 Haute Couture runway by Schiaparelli.Armando Grillo /

Shell necklace on the David Koma catwalk, Spring-Summer 2023.Isidore Montag /

There are many different options to include mermaid core jewelry in summer looks. In addition to the already mentioned (and desired) Zara necklace to dominate the sea, there are more pieces inspired by this style. In Farfetch you can find a vintage brooch from Hermes with shapes of shells; Like a Courrèges steel ear-cuff; and a long pearl necklace by Tory Burch.

Vintage Hermès brooch.Courtesy

Courrèges ear cuff.Courtesy

Tory Burch necklace.Courtesy

It is also a trend that permeates local fashion. With Latin America’s closeness to the Caribbean, there was no way that jewelry firms of our region will not take inspiration from the ocean. faobaoriginally Colombianhas in his collection some earrings inspired by the eddies of the sea; Mexican Dicentra, based in Guadalajara, has made her Melody pendant one of the best sellers on her website; and the Venezuelan brand, Mónica Sordo, It has a coral reef textured choker.

Faoba earrings.Courtesy

Mexican Dicentra necklace.Courtesy

Monica Sordo choker.Courtesy

He mermaid coreIt is indeed everywhere.

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